MESA + IndustryWeek

MESA has co-located our NA Conference with IndustryWeek for the last several years for one reason: to communicate more clearly and concisely with manufacturers.

The speed of business today – and the impact of technology on manufacturing – is ratcheting up constantly. You don’t want to hear more and more people putting their own spin on things. Neither do we. IndustryWeek and MESA both believe you get more value from one coordinated effort to bring us all together.

Your ticket to MESA'S NA Conference includes all-access to IndustryWeek M&T's Conference. REGISTER TODAY with MESA's discount.

IndustryWeek’s Manufacturing & Technology (M&T) Conference & Expo

IndustryWeek has been serving industry for over 100 years, and their event brings hundreds of manufacturers together annually to learn from each other how to continuously improve. IndustryWeek’s Manufacturing & Technology (M&T) Conference & Expo offers:

  • 50+ expert speakers
  • 6 industry tracks
  • 700+ conference attendees
  • 36 breakout sessions
  • Dozens of plant tours
  • Keynote presentations from some of industry’s top business leaders
  • ‘Best Plants’ winners
  • An offsite event
  • And much, much more…

Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA) International

MESA knows that continuous improvement gains stick longer when backed with modern-day solutions that drive value in the plants and across the enterprise. Improving manufacturers’ businesses with Information Technologies and IT-based solutions is the core value proposition of Smart Manufacturing. The MESA North American Conference offers:

  • A not-for-profit community of likeminded professionals that provides a safe harbor for manufacturers to safely seek guidance on the role and value of IT solutions in manufacturing
  • Access to some of the foremost thought leaders in the Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions space
  • A pre-conference workshop event geared to getting you connected, explaining new research and getting your questions addressed
  • 5 manufacturer-led presentations highlighting the business value of solving plant and enterprise-level manufacturing challenges with IT-based solutions
  • And more…